We are SI Silicone Innovation

The SI Silicone Innovation team has set the target of further developing of that fascinating material, silicone. Whether it’s in the innovative production processes or the extending application areas by means of additions and improvements. To achieve this, we’ve put together a team of experienced silicone experts and specialists – both internal and external. This together with the close relationship we have to our customers results in new ideas every day – we can’t wait to see what’s coming next.

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Peter Klarmann

Medical Product Consultant

Peter Klarmann, Geschäftsführer SI Silicone Innovation

Johannes Körner, Qualitätsmanagement SI Silicone Innovation

Johannes Körner

M. Eng. (Medical Physics)
Development and Quality Management

Ewald Lingg

Application Engineering

Ewald Lingg

Bianca Klarmann

Bianca Klarmann

Human Resources and Administration

Gabriele Bonn

Key Account and Office

Gabriele Bonn

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